We Deliver Quality Carton Closing Tools & Staples.

ISM and CCC are the packaging industry’s most durable and reliable lines of carton closing tools. These tools are made from Die cast aluminum and steel components. They will drive and clinch the final seal protecting and securing your product during transit from your factory floor to your customer’s door.

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Customized products

Over the years, we have witnessed the changing needs of the packaging and transport industry. We at ISM Enterprises constantly excel at all the challenges and successfully supply the most innovative and eco-friendly products to each and every one of our clients. Knowing the packaging industry so well, we are committed to offering our customers customized products that can specifically meet their demand.
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Ensured Quality

From the very beginning ISM Enterprises has shown a commitment to quality. Our passion for quality and improvement is the reason we have made a name in the industry that people look to and can trust. We will never compromise on quality in order to save money because quality is what makes us who we are. Whether it is the premium look and feel of the product, the durability of materials used, or the high end performance of the tool, our high standard products are here to meet all your expectations.
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We are not only focused on enhancing the experience of our customers, but equally on understanding our responsibility toward the environment. That is why all of our staples and stitching wire are made of 100% recycled steel. Even after use, these products can be recycled again. These products contain no ODC’s and meet all standards of ASTM D1974 packaging, Coneg, F.D.A, and Proposition 65 legislation. So when you think of ISM, think green, not only because of the color of our tools, but because of our responsibility to the environment!

ISM Enterprises: The Flagship of Quality in the Stapling Industry

‘ISM Enterprises’ is an American company that is active in manufacturing the most innovative and efficient closing carton staples. Our packaging staples and tools are carefully designed to ensure safe, secure packaging of your products. Our ISM staplers are renowned worldwide for their quality and comfortable designs. From our Manual stick to Pneumatic Giant, stick staple to roll staple, every product at ISM Enterprises speaks for its excellence.

The transportation and packaging industry is a vast domain that has a major contribution to the world economy. As per the American Trucking Association; “The American trucking industry generated revenue of $700.3 billion in 2017”. ISM Enterprises stays working hard day and night to support the exceptional contribution of logistics and transport trade in America.

Here are the reasons why ISM Enterprises is a leading name in the carton closing stapler industry:

Over 80 years of experience:

ISM Enterprises has played a prominent role in manufacturing packaging products for more than 80 years. Our years of experience and dedication have made us a leader in making world-class staplers in the industry. ISM staplers are known for their durability, reliability, and performance in industrial automatic stapling applications. Our rich history and experience now going on 80+ years has made us the trusted supplier of stapling tools of people in both the domestic and commercial domains.


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