Hog Ring Tools

Benefits of Hog Rings

Sturdy. Hog rings offer a more secure connection than that of a staple or nail as the entire hog ring is bent into the object to be fastened.

Firm Grip. Hog rings come in either blunt or sharp points, either of which engage a very firm grip.

Secure. The only way a hog ring will come loose is if the ring itself is forced open, or if the material it is fastened to tears.

Uses of Hog Rings

Hog rings are one of the most versatile fasteners in the market making them an asset to just about every industry out there. These are just some of the most popular of the countless uses for hog rings:

Automotive seat manufacturing.
Wire Cages.
Bag closing.
Plant and Pot tagging.
Costume Design.
Hanging silt fence.
Meat packaging (sausage casings).
Repairing fencing.


Often during various applications, people are torn between using zip ties or hog rings. Zip ties tend to be cheap, easy to use, and everyone seems to have them lying around. However, they don’t even come close to matching up to the hog ring. Hog rings offer a more professional look, don’t contribute to plastic pollution, and are far more durable than zip ties.

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