About Us

ISM Enterprises is the only company in North America focused on carefully crafting closing carton staples to safely secure the packaging that protects your products. ISM Enterprises proudly manufactures a complete line of stick and roll staples in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA. We have designed our staples under stringent tolerances to maximize efficiencies with your ISM tools, and across your packaging lines. We sell the finest quality of staples and tools, we include “uptime” for no additional cost delivering high quality efficient products “Just in Time”, on your schedule, not ours. ISM Enterprises offers a broad range of stick and roll staples across its product lines that are compatible with most closing carton tools used in our industry. With our staples proudly made in America, ISM Enterprises is dedicated to thinking green, not only with the color of our tools, but in the raw materials we utilize in our integrated manufacturing process. We are committed to using recycled materials first, whether it’s in the recycled steel scrap used as the primary component in manufacturing our raw materials, or in the paper products that are used in the cardboard boxes designed to safeguard our staples, tools and parts. It is our goal to consciously manufacture earth friendly products of the highest quality. ISM Enterprises appreciates the opportunity to be part of the final process in creating the seal that securely delivers your product to your valued customers.

ISM History

ISM has been a leading manufacturer of packaging products for more than 80 years. The company received its first staple patent in 1935 and today manufactures a wide range of staples and designs its proprietary and ergonomically friendly lines of portable staplers in its plant in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA. As the industry leader in closing carton lines of tools and staples, we have molded our company around your specific requirements. ISM has a history of firsts, the first to develop a lightweight stapler, the first to develop automatic stapling equipment, the first to introduce portable roll feed staplers, and the first to introduce a line of standard automatic staplers. We are proud of our history, and we are driven to push for continuous improvement of our products, and our customer services. Our drive to seek and maintain product excellence continues today, bringing domestic manufacturing of closing carton staples back to the U.S.A. Thank you for your continued trust in our products and our people. We are proud of our past eight decades of success, and more importantly, we are very excited about our future.

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