Servicing and Repairing Your ISM Tools

Servicing and Repairing Your ISM Tools

Why Our Tools Are Special

It’s no secret that ISM tools are of a superior quality and built to last.  Some of our customers have even gone as far to say our tools are the BMW’s of the carton closing industry.  So, for about the same price, would you rather drive a BMW or a Pinto?

RED, ORANGE or GREEN Tool? Tools That Last a Lifetime!

It is common for us to receive calls from customers looking for servicing or replacement parts for our green, red, and orange tools. In the late ‘70’s / early ‘80’s ISM began to paint tools Red to identify them as A-Staple (ISM Brand) tools and painted tools Orange to identify them as C-Staple (CCC Brand) tools. By the mid ‘90’s the two lines were merged once again and painted Green, the same green you see today. So, if your tool is Red or Orange you have a tool which has been in service for well over 30 years! Congratulations! That is a long life in a high-volume carton closing environment. Not many companies can say that about their products, but we can, and we say it proudly. 

Get the Most Out of Your Tools!

As with any tool, in order to get the best lifespan, you need to keep up with maintenance and care on it.  It’s the little things that mean the most! Keeping your tool clean, well-lubricated, and replacing the parts that are susceptible to wear and tear will help keep your tool in good working condition for years and years to come.

Just Send It In and Let Us Take Care of It!

If you don’t have the time to service or maintain your tool, or if it needs to be repaired or have parts replaced, just send it!  We encourage all our customers to request an RA# and send our tools back in to be repaired. You can do this by calling us at 800-378-3430 or by emailing us at Our technicians will quickly diagnose the problem, we’ll send you a quote for your approval before moving forward, and once approved we will fix the tool and get it shipped back out to you ASAP!  All our tools have a 1-year warranty on them, so if you have an issue with your tool and it’s within a year of the date you purchased it, send it in! We’ll take care of the shipping and fix your tool – FREE OF CHARGE!  Give us a call for more details on our service and repairs program!

RED or ORANGE TOOL: We Appreciate Your Loyalty!

If you happen to have a RED (ISM Brand A-Stapler) or ORANGE (CCC Brand C-Stapler) tool, it is likely we can no longer repair them. BUT we want to keep you on our team!  We would like to offer you a credit towards the purchase of a new ISM GREEN stapling tool as a thank you for your loyalty to the ISM brand all these years. Just call us at 800-378-3430 or email us at to get the process rolling. You will need to send us an authentic ISM RED/CCC ORANGE tool in order to participate in our trade-in program! We appreciate your business and we want to prove it!  Call us for details!