Stitching Wires

Benefits of Stitching Wire

Corrosion resistant. Stitching wire can resist corrosion in most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine bearing environments

Fire & Heat Resistant. Stitching wire retains its strength at high temperatures.

Security. Stitching wire is more effective than any glue or tape at keeping your packages closed until they reach their destination.

Value. After all the variables are considered, stitching wire is often the most cost effective material option.

Uses of Stitching Wire

There are many different industries that use stitching wire to their advantage, but the main use of stitching wire is to close boxes. Regular slotted boxes, double cover box and trays, and full telescopic boxes can all be fastened securely and easily with stitching wire. Stitching wire is a quick and efficient way to get your packages sealed and out the door.

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