A Detailed Guide on Types of Packaging Staplers

A Detailed Guide on Types of Packaging Staplers

The transport and logistics industries link the manufacturer’s resources to its consumers and suppliers. Transportation is one of the essential services that connects the sellers and buyers around the world on more solid grounds. The efficient transport of goods from a source location to demanded destination involves delivery speed, secure delivery, undamaged goods and more. As per a report by DHL, 2019, the global logistics market is estimated to rise at a CAGR of 7.6% and can reach $27 billion by 2023. On addressing the significance of transportation, the contribution of carton closing companies and quality packaging tools can’t be ignored as they play a key role in ensuring the protection of goods and their safe delivery.

Here, we give you a brief breakdown of the advantages of each carton closing stapler to make sure you pick the tool that can best meet your packaging needs:

Manual Carton Closing Stapler or Manual Box Stapler:

The use of manual carton closing staplers to perform low volume or small box closing is quite common. These staplers are affordable, light weight, mobile, easy to use, and efficient. To use the stapler, it takes the operator’s strength to clinch the staples in the corrugated box. Hence, it’s quite inconvenient to use manual staplers for high volume industrial or manufacturer unit packing. The manual carton closing staplers range in variety – there is a stapler for each size of staple we make and the magazine capacity is 100 staples if it is an A crown tool, 150 staples if it is a C crown tool.

Pneumatic Stick Stapler or Pneumatic Box Stapler:

The pneumatic stick, or pneumatic box staplers, are widely used in warehouses, packing units, and other fixed workstations. The pneumatic stick staplers are the best pick for high volume packaging tasks. They offer increased productivity, reduced operator fatigue, and speed to the industrial packing units. Additionally, these carton closing tools offer the best solution to production lines with the ease of pulling a trigger, but still have the same magazine capacity as the manual staplers of 100 or 150 staples depending on the crown size.

Pneumatic Roll Stapler or Pneumatic Coil Stapler:

The other type of Pneumatic box stapler is the pneumatic roll stapler, which serves the same work as pneumatic stick staplers. However, the magazines for these staplers hold rolls of 1,000 staples. These tools really allow you to streamline your carton closing process with little downtime for reloading because the capacity is so high.

Pneumatic Pliers or Pneumatic Plier Staplers:

These are specifically designed staplers to meet heavy-duty tasks. The staplers can be used in construction, packing, and other industrial applications. The tool is used to press heavy-duty staples inside the metal, wood, and thick carton boxes. These tools use smaller staples, called plier staples, that vary in leg length but usually have 1/2” crown.
Aside from the different sizes and types of the stapler’s design, quality, and comfort, you should also pay close attention to the staples you pick. The staples should be made of high-quality metal to ensure intact strength to your box packing.

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