Carton Closing Staples or Packaging Tape

Carton Closing Staples or Packaging Tape

What to Consider

Cost and Efficiency

The more cartons your company or business is closing, the more you will be able to save by stapling. The alternative process, using packaging tape, can be up to 50% more expensive when you factor in material and labor costs. Tape can be messy and tricky. By the time you find the end of your roll of tape, you could have 3 boxes closed with a stapler and staples. When using carton closing staples, packaging designs can be simplified to use less material, but maintain sturdiness and stability – less material means less money spent on packaging!

Durability Throughout Travel

Packages sometimes encounter unfavorable conditions, like getting wet or being stored in excessive cold or heat. These elements are no match for carton closing staples though. Through various moisture, cold, and heat tests, the staples are unaffected – keeping your package secure and safe from damage, while these elements’ effects on tape are clearly visible. Moisture has the biggest impact on tape, causing it to lose its adhesiveness and making it able to be peeled right off – leaving your package vulnerable. Extreme cold and heat can warp and melt tape, again leaving your package susceptible to damage.

Theft and Tamper Resistance

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about anybody messing with our stuff, but it’s not a perfect world and the threat of theft and tampering with the products inside our packaging is real. While any package is at risk of being stolen or tampered with, packages that are stapled closed are less likely to be chosen. Without the proper tool (an industrial staple puller) it is extremely difficult to open a box that has been stapled shut. If someone opens a stapled package, there is noticeable evidence that the staples were removed. Also, carton closing tools aren’t as readily available to the public as clear packaging tape is, so they wouldn’t be able to close it back up.


This one is simple. Staples just look better. Not only do they look better, but they don’t obstruct the view of your labels or logos. Let’s be honest, your labels/logos ARE your brand! That’s how customers identify your company and products. You want as many eyes on that logo as possible, even after the customer receives the package, tape will tear off layers of labels and the box itself, but with staples, you’re just left with some small holes – that customer can look at that box and think of your business and products every time they see it.

Think Green and Be Environmentally Responsible!

Not only can tape be messy, it’s made from plastic. Plastic is the biggest culprit of pollution in our oceans and waterways. It’s negatively effecting ecosystems and wildlife every day. Be a part of the solution, not the problem! After you open a package closed with tape, you generally throw the tape in the trash, and eventually it’ll end up in a landfill. Staples, however, are recyclable! Pop the staples out of your box and toss them right into the recycling bin. No guilty conscience about adding to the growing problem of plastic pollution. Some staples, like ISM Enterprises’ staples, are even manufactured right now using 100% recycled steel.

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